Top 5 ways to maximise your outdoor space 

Posted by Eleanor Sturt at July 1, 2022

How do I make a nice, small garden?

With summer now in full swing, many homeowners are heading outside to soak in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. No matter what type of garden you have, whether it’s a tiny terrace, a private path or a little lawn, here are our top 5 tips in making the most of your outdoor space.


1. Vertical Planting

Vertical gardens and living walls have grown in popularity in the past few years and for good reason too – not only do they save space in a garden, but they are an easy way to bring colour to an otherwise grey space. To build your own, consider either using a shipping pallet to build a boxed planter or a wooden ladder paired with potted plants. For splashes of colour, consider painting the pallet or ladder and opt for patterned pots over traditional terracotta.

Vertical Garden Planter

image from Red House Garden

2. Mirrors

Just like with indoor spaces, mirrors are a great way to make a small garden feel spacious. With proper placement and appropriate lighting, this easy hack will trick your brain into a larger, lusher garden space. You can also upgrade your mirror game by mounting a painted trellis or thin picket fence on your mirror for a more cottage aesthetic.

Garden Mirror

image from Gates Garden Centre

3. Minimalist Furniture

We love outdoor dining, but many outdoor seats can be bulky and take up more room than your little garden can afford. When designing your space, keep low-back corner sofas in mind for comfy places to cosy up in the evening. Another space-saving choice is a bench or stools that can easily be stored under a table when not in use.

Garden Sofa

image from Dunelm

4. Warm Lighting

A well-lit space will always feel larger than a poorly-lit one. There is a plethora of options for outdoor lighting including string lights, solar powered foot lamps and even outdoor standing lamps. When selecting which is best for your space, keep in mind power supply for practicality and colour for aesthetic. Lamps, lights and cables are a great place to add colour and personality.

Creative Garden Lighting

image by Giorgio Trovato

5. Storage

No matter your garden space, keep storage in mind, whether it’s for kids’ toys, bicycles, excess garden furniture or garden tools. Not only does this keep your outdoor space tidy and safe, but you can also get creative with storage solutions. Some of our favourite solutions are wooden chests doubling as seating and wall hooks that utilise garden tools as décor.

Aesthetic Garden

image by Annie Spratt

How do you make a small garden look nice on a budget?

Creating a nice-looking garden with a small budget is easier than you think. Most importantly, use what you already have. Salvage old pieces of wood and unused cushions for DIY garden furniture. If you are low on resources, pop to charity shops to look for cheap garden furniture, and keep an eye out for shipping pallets for repurposed wood.

Garden DIY

image by Karl Solano

Pro tip: Less is more.

With little spaces, it’s easy to go overboard. Try and find what you want your primary focus to be (outdoor dining, plants, storage, etc) and design that first. Everything else should support your primary focus. This keeps the garden looking connected and makes best use of your small space.

Simple Garden Decor

image by Sandie Clarke

Send us some pictures of your outdoor spaces to show off your work, and we’ll share them on our social channels!




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