The Top Myths About Estate Agents

Posted by Katie Sayles at December 22, 2021

Some people do not trust estate agents. They believe real estate professionals are only concerned with their commission and gaining a healthy return from their negotiations. 

Thankfully, this is not entirely true, although estate agents do get paid extra from landing deals, most estate agents gain even more from building a trustworthy and respectable reputation where the clients’ needs are put first.

 Buying or selling a home is not a simple process, and it can be very challenging if you do not understand the property business. Some estate agents aim to take the stress and confusion out of the process, so you know exactly what your next step is.

Estate Agent Myths

Estate Agents Are All Similar

No estate agent is the same as another, all have distinct personalities and use different methods. Some are better at certain aspects such as negotiation and selling whereas others are more proficient at researching properties and finding the best deals. In general, experienced estate agents will have access to a wider range of contacts and have a slightly better understanding of property compared to new agents. But nevertheless, every estate agent has their own unique skills.

Agents Will Lie to Make a Sale

 Good estate agents always have your best interest at heart and want you to get the best deal. After all, if a client is not happy with a house they bought or feel like they could have got more money from a home they sold, it doesn’t help build trust. Poor word of mouth will lead to estate agents losing business long-term, so being honest is essential for good estate agents.

Estate Agents Fees Are the Same Everywhere

 Another common misconception is that commission fees do not differ from one country to another. Did you know estate agents fees in the UK are the cheapest in Europe. In countries such as France, fees have historically been one of the highest.




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