Considering Putting Your Property Back on the Market?

Posted by Mary Cooley at April 26, 2022

Considering Putting Your Property Back on the Market?

Although it can be disheartening to find yourself re-listing your home, do not lose heart. Plenty of seller’s experience something similar, and most make a great sale.

There are many reasons for re-listing your home, the sale has fallen through, (unfortunately, it does happen), you have not found the right property, you may have been surprised by a roadblock. Irrespective of the reason, relaunching your home can run smoothly and you can get the result you want.

The key to success is working closely with your Estate Agent, here are our tips for successfully listing your home again

1) Talk to your Estate Agent

At Cow & Co London, we have supported situations like yours before. We know what to do next to avoid a similar outcome in the future. We give you the most informed advice to maximise your success when relaunching your home, including property trends, and advice and guidance on current market conditions.

2) Re-launch with confidence

Find the enthusiasm you had when you first launched your home, this is an exciting part of your life journey. Our top tips for putting a house up for sale are:

  • De-clutter to increase the chance of a higher market value and appeal to prospective buyers, enabling them to better picture themselves living in your home. Get tips from international best seller Marie Kondo KonMari
  • Make a lasting first impression The entrance of your home sets the tone for the rest of the house, so make sure the exterior is well kept and everything is clean and tidy. Check Homes & Garden for lovely Hallway ideas
  • Make essential repairs You may not want to spend any more money on repair, which is understandable, completing repairs can lead to a successful sale. Cow & Co London can help you determine which are vital and which are unlikely to make a significant difference.
3) Be honest

Honesty is your friend; your Estate Agent will know how to best respond to likely buyer questions. Ensure you are not holding back information that could influence a buyer’s decision to purchase, you need to let future buyers know why the property is going back on the market, be prepared to address any concerns in the best way possible, including asking yourself the questions buyers are sure to ask and coming up with honest answers.

If you are considering putting your home back on the market, call us we would love to share the latest property trends, and provide advice and guidance on how to relaunch your property with impact. Most sellers don’t come to us first, but all are delighted they switched, find out more on our website:


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