Get selling this summer

Posted by twentytwo at June 21, 2021

It’s true, it’s a great time to sell your home if you’re thinking about it. The housing market continues to be active and demand for property is ongoing.

You may have even heard that properties around the country are being sold above their asking price, with offers from several buyers. That’s how hot property is right now!

Still on the fence about selling? Here are some of our reasons why summer is a good time to sell your home:

People are choosing staycations

Traditionally, the property market in the summer tended to be fairly quiet, mostly due to people going away on holiday or busy with other summer activities. Children are off school, people want to catch the sun. It’s natural to think like that.

But, the regulations on travelling are still a bit up in the air. With quarantining and countries moving between the amber and red traffic light, it’s pushing people to stay in the UK.

Combined with the UK summer weather being great – we’ve already been having some great tanning time – people are choosing staycations. Going on holiday in the UK or even just staying at home.

When people spend so much time at home, they start to find reasons to move. Maybe they want more room, maybe they want less.  More outside space? Another home office?

Buyers are looking

It’s known in the property industry that buyers would search for new homes in spring but summer has been a winning season over the last few years. Probably because the UK has actually been getting a summer season!

With the longer, brighter days it’s a great time for buyers to get a feel of a neighbourhood or community. More people are likely to be outside or out and about.

For buyers who work inside during the day, they can get a chance to go around a neighbourhood after work, the lighter days allow them to do this in the evening.

Deals on mortgages 

At the peak of the pandemic, the number of mortgage deals had halved which affected those with smaller deposits. But, with the property market improving and the normality of life coming back, so are the mortgage deals.

The government wants to help buyers and has introduced new schemes to encourage and support home buyers.  Coupled with low mortgage rates, this will attract buyers to get looking and buying, bringing up demand for properties.

Changing season, changing circumstances

With a change in season can come a change in circumstances. People could be looking to downsize, upsize and find a property to suit their new needs.

Over the last year, there have been many reasons for people to move. With a lot of people working from home, this meant some prioritised being closer to the parks in London, or the shops. For those looking for more space, we know about those hidden properties nearer the suburbs of London with surprisingly large gardens.

The demand for buying is ongoing so if you’re looking to sell your property, your first step is a free valuation. Learn what your property is worth, choose from an instant online, Zoom valuation or arrange for us to come out to your property.

We provide property services to every corner of London. We match the right buyers with our sellers and we can do just that for you. If you need any help or have any questions about selling in London, or buying in London, our team will be happy to help, get in touch.