Refurbish Your Home to Add Value

Posted by Mary Cooley at March 23, 2022

Having worked in estate agency for many years, we see the benefit refurbishing your home has to increase your home’s value and reduce the time in finding a buyer.

Focus should be on items that increase your homes impact. Projects don’t need to be high budget or take long, that doesn’t mean cutting corners – but focusing on where to get the biggest benefit.

The below projects are all buyer’s priorities in 2022


Future purchasers like to imagine themselves in their potential new home. Clean and fresh paintwork adds to the impression of a home’s value. Decorating can be more impactful than you think making a huge impression on your home, it worth’s considering the experts to get it exactly as you had envisioned it.

Additionally first impressions are important, a touch up of paint to the façade of your home can increase its value – something less for a buyer to do.


Kitchens are the heart of a home and essential to most buyers, money spent on a kitchen is money well spent. Light, space and storage are key. For light are their ways to make the most of natural light or where can you add light? Maybe an additional lamp or under cupboard light. Make the space more sociable – . Last but not least storage, simplify and declutter so that the space vs your things are the focus.

If you are refurbing to flip your property or to let, think clean and classic with accessories to help buyers or tenants see how the kitchen can be the heart of their future home.


Like kitchens, bathrooms – importance in the home. –  classic and clean as it won’t be a space privy of regular refurbishment. Guarantee all sanitary ware is replaced or fixed if chipped, and again go for neutral colors that clean up well.

Outdoor space

Outside space is more important than ever, renters and buyers alike are seeking outside space.

Tidy up your external space, get rid of weeds, remove clutter so buyers can see how big the space is.  Paint any walls, fill in any patches in your grass, if possible, zone space into dining and relaxing/ quality time.

It may seem counterintuitive to be spending money before you sell or rent, keep in mind the bigger picture: your property value and time taken to sell. Additionally, to minimise costs and environmental impact, consider borrowing vs buying, if you must buy, buy second hand, and if a big refurbishment is not in scope look at fixtures: mirrors, handles or light fixtures, can make a room come alive without the need for major renovation.

Refurbish your home to add value
Article Name
Refurbish your home to add value
Having worked in estate agency for many years, we have seen the benefit of refurbishing your home to increase your home’s value


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