5 of the reasons why people move

Posted by twentytwo at April 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the reasons are behind people moving from one place to another?

After living through the Coronavirus pandemic, we all know how much things can change – including our living conditions, lifestyles and ideals.

With so many of us having more time to reflect, there has been a growing momentum within the sector, which has meant we’ve seen greater activity levels every month since the market reopened last summer.

Here are some reflection points:


The need for more space is one of the main drivers behind a residential house move. For example, occurring when:

  • Your family expands or requirements change
  • You experience a change in employment or income, meaning you’re able to afford a home better suited to any lifestyle developments
  • You adjust your priorities, perhaps working from home or enjoying more time outdoors due to lockdown
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1 in 10 people claim to have moved home because of poor relations with their neighbours, with complaints ranging from:*

  • Aggressive behaviour (60%)
  • Noise pollution (53%)
  • Messy garden or property (19%)

Having anti-social neighbours can reduce the value of your home, so it is hardly surprising that those desperate to move away don’t admit any issues when listing their homes, despite it being a legal requirement.

Before buying anywhere, be sure to ask if there are any issues you need to know about before making any decisions.

Job relocation

37% of people would be willing to relocate for their job.**

Since the pandemic, however, we have seen a huge shift in this being a key priority.

As more people are working remotely and not needing to go into the office, people are moving to more rural locations.

*Study carried out by Halifax Home Insurance
**Sourcing Focus